Dan Willett, working through Peak Investment Services Inc, offers a full range of mutual funds. With the ability to offer mutual funds through most major companies, there is a solution that will work for every client.  The ability to pick and choose from different fund companies allows portfolios that can meet your changing needs.  We can structure a portfolio that also meets your risk tolerance. With over 4000 investment products on the market there is definitely a product that will meet your needs.

Dan Willett, working through the Agenz group, also has the ability to offer a wide range of segregated funds.  These funds offer many advantages over a mutual fund and may be better suited for your situation.

Dan Willett working through Peak Investment Services Inc, Peak Insurance Inc and other nationally recognized insurance companies has the ability to offer interest bearing products.  Some clients are not comfortable with the prospect of what is happening recently in the market and as such prefer the security of a locked in product like a GIC to meet their needs.  

Dan’s job is to come up with a solution that can incorporate all of these products to meet your needs.  In order for a solution to meet your needs there is a consultation process to determine your time frame, what type of risk you are comfortable with and what you are trying to achieve. 


Mutual Funds are offered through Peak Investment Services and all other products and services are offered through Dan Willett Financial Inc.

*Disclaimer- Daniel Willett, is attached to Peak Investment Services Inc.