Dan Willett is a person that believes that he needs to give back to his community and as such has been active in the community.  Dan has played executive roles in soccer clubs, Rotary clubs, professional organizations and political organizations.  


Dan has a passion for education and has an MBA in accounting, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) Certified Health Specialist (CHS) , Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), Retirement Plans Associate (RPA), Compensation Management Specialist (CMS) . Dan is constantly working on the next designation to ensure that he has the most up to date knowledge to keep his clients informed of changes and able to react to the changing regulatory environment.  

When you work with Dan, he uses the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process.(LEAP) this process utilizes a slightly different approach to lifetime planning.  The LEAP process utilizes a different economic principal where the acceleration of money is used.  This process involves utilizing the same dollar for multiple goals. 

LEAP incorporates numerous erosion factors that can affect your ability to reach your goals, and we work to reduce the risk of these erosion factors on your wealth.  By utilizing LEAP’s patented approach to financial planning we look at three key areas of your life - PROTECTION, SAVINGS and GROWTH.  By looking at these three areas as part of a comprehensive plan, this reduces risk and creates alignment in your financial strategy.  This creates a personal strategic plan that is goal oriented with flexibility.  Flexibility is important as we never know what can happen in five years - a career change, new child, new spouse, critical illness, disability, death or winning the lottery.  If we knew what the future held life would be easy, but unfortunately we do not so we make decisions on mitigating these risks, so that you can achieve your goals.  


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