Group Benefits


Consulting Services

Group Insurance Packages

To maintain a high level of service and commitment to you and your employees, and to ensure that you receive the highest quality benefits at a competitive and fair cost, the following are areas of focus of Dan Willett Financial as your group benefit consultant:

  • Negotiate renewal rates with Insurer.
  • Provide independent renewal analysis and review.
  • Review the renewal for extraordinary or non-recurring claims.
  • Ensure that claims are paid in a timely manner, and arbitrate any disputes.
  • Ensure that billings are handled correctly and understood by the employers.
  • Explain cost-containment initiatives.
  • Preparations of employee notices and provide assistance in employee meetings.
  • Keep client abreast of changes in legislation or insurer policies that may affect the plan.
  • Prepare a report 2-3 months prior to the renewal in order to assess the groups’ experience:
    • Breakdown of historical premium and claims information and costs by type of benefits within the Health and Dental claims.
    • Annual assessment of inflation/trend by benefit and insurer expenses and costs.
    • Assess pooled benefits adjustment based on changes in the group’s demographics.
  • The ability to conduct a market survey on behalf of the client to test the competitiveness of the current benefit plans.  This is done to ensure that the current insurer is giving you the best value for your benefit plan.

We strive to make sure you understand your benefit plan and the costs associated with the plan.  We take pride in providing optimum service.


Group RRSP/RPP/TFSA/Savings Plans 

Each employee will receive a one on one meeting in order to understand what investments that they are purchasing.   A risk assessment will be done that matches the employees’ risk tolerances to their investment choices.  A yearly review of each employee’s situation to ensure that changes that have happened are integrated into their current plan.  Based on an employee’s individual situation or special circumstances more frequent meetings could be arranged.

Executive Benefits

Often times executives of the company are not adequately covered by the group benefit package.  This is a result of higher earnings that are above the limit on group, life and disability plans.  These areas need to be looked at and addressed with separate coverage as necessary.  I do however realize that this may be interpreted as a two tiered system, but in essence it is ensuring that all employees have the same level of coverage in relation to their income.

Administrative Support

In order to facilitate any change over that will occur we will provide you with the training and direct liaison to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We will also provide on-site support to ensure that any questions are dealt with immediately.  On-line administration, including enrolment, addition and deletion of employees along with billings, plan design and booklets are all easily accessible.  Training will be provided on-site. 

Range of Resources

  • We are locally based and are always accessible to deal with all your questions and concerns.  In addition to on-site support and service we offer:
  • On-site seminars on a range of topics.
  • One on One consultation to members 
  • A group benefits newsletter 
  • Other resources based on feedback.

Our Goal is to provide a package that works for you.  The package will be tailored to fit your needs.